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About Us 

Omsan Osmocare (India) Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of 20 litres Packaged Drinking Water in Greater Noida. Our brand OSMOFRESH is being used by MNCs, Corporates and residents of Noida, Phase II, Noida and Greater Noida.

Our plant is one of those very few who have valid license from Bureau of Indian Standard for using ISI marking as well as from FSSAI for food quality. Following Government Authorities have accredited us Licenses/Approvals/NOCs to manufacture and sell the product:

  • Bureau of Indian Standards for using ISI Mark
  • State Food, Safety & Drug Administration (under FSSAI) for product quality
  • UP State Pollution Control Board for air & water pollution
  • Central Water Commission for extracting underground water


The plant is located at Site B, Surajpur Industrial Area, Greater Noida.


Unprocessed water passes through Sand Media Filter and moves towards Activated Carbon Filter via UPVC (Advance Extra strong Food grade), which removes suspended solids, taste and odour.

From Activated Carbon Filter water is directed to Micron Cartridge Filter via UPVC pipelines.

From Micron Cartridge Filter, water then passes to R.O. Membrane via S.S. pipelines where Reverse Osmosis takes place.

Reverse Osmosis is the process in which water is made to flow against concentration gradient i.e. difference between concentration by applying an external pressure by means of high pressure pump.

This water is then collected into Stainless Steel Tank (SS 316) through S.S. pipe lines where it is ozonated and forwarded to filling section after UV Treatment where following operations are performed:

  1. Jars are washed from outside first with surfactant and then with water.
  2. Washed jars are then passed for inner washing section with anti-germ solution, hot product water (recycled) and
    then cold product water cleaning.
  3. These jars are then passed to filling section where they are filled with product water, sealed with caps, inspected by quality control persons and lastly dispatched to storage section.

All pipelines in the plant are either of UPVC (Advance Extra strong Food grade) or SS 304/316. Quality control and Hygienic conditions in the plant are maintained as per BIS & FSSAI standards and strictly monitored. The product water is tested in our own chemical and microbiological labs as well through empanelled agencies of BIS which are mandatory.